To create a society where women are honored, respected, valued and free from any form of violence


We are dedicated to supporting women who have suffered violence with comprehensive counseling, medical and legal support and to create social change in society through education, training and advocacy.


  • We respect the unique experiences of each survivor (this is crucial to their healing process) and believe firmly in their capacity to heal and grow
  • We uphold the confidentiality of the survivor
  • We believe in empowering survivors to lead normal healthy lives
  • We work together to empower each other in a positive manner to reach our objectives


  • Support survivors of violence with
    • law enforcement agencies
    • medical examination and aid
    • legal aid and support
    • counseling & therapy
  • Advocate change in public policy
  • Create awareness and gender sensitization for eradication of any form of violence against women
  • Network and partner with like-minded organizations and individuals for a wider reach
  • Conduct qualitative research on violence against women